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Preparing for a Volunteer Trip to Nepal


Volunteering is an act of kindness. This is whereby people visit underprivileged communities, live with them for a duration of time and while there they try to improve the quality of their life either by offering medical services, teaching them and in some other cases they are missionaries bringing the word of God to them. Volunteering is something that each of us should try at least once in our lives.  Volunteers in most cases travel as a group, but in other situations, people set out on their own to a far of land to go volunteer. Whichever the cases, it is important to have some guiding factors that will enable you to have a fulfilling volunteer trip and that you come back home safely.


The first thing that one should do is you need to know the purpose of your trip. What do you hope to achieve at the end of the volunteer season? When you have such factors in consideration, your trip will not be in vain. Without this, you will not know if you have attained the milestones that you need in your trip because you need things to measure our deliverables against. Failure to do this may, in the long run, turn out to have been a waste of time.


Volunteers usually successful when done community-based. Being that Nepal is a huge place, it is necessary to identify a specific place that you will be serving. This is important because then upon arrival, you can channel all your energy and time into helping that particular community. When you do this, at the end of it all, you will find that you will have attained the goals for your trip than if you had a large area to focus on. A focused volunteer in nepal is more beneficial.


After you have identified your destination, make sure that you learn the basic things in the language of the place you are going. When you know some words or a few sentences, it will be an ice breaker which means that you will get to interact with the local people easier that when you do not even know the greeting.


Finally, in case you are going as a medical volunteer in Nepal. It is important to know the simple medical hacks because then be able to help. Also, research on the common types of diseases; how they manifest in human beings and ways that you can treat the condition. Depending on the climatic conditions, diseases vary for instance, in the tropics, Malaria is a menace. It is therefore important to know the first thing about diseases of the region. When you do so, you will be better placed to help. Above all take the necessary vaccinations to protect you against disease; you will not be able to help the locals when you are unwell. Be sure to check out this website at for more details about internship.


With all the above factors discussed, you should be ready to set out for your volunteer trip for Nutrition programs.